About Us

About Us

Everywhere you look you will find plastic. We use plastic products to help make our lives cleaner, easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Atmosphere group, with its long experience, is a leader in this sector.

Atmosphere group produces 6000 tons of plastic rolls and plastic bags every year. We satisfy all need of our clients from HDPE (high density polyethylene), LDPE (low density polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) and biodegradable bags.


Atmosphere group have different high technology production lines:

  • N° 21 blowing machines,
  • N° 3 printing machines, 1-6 colours
  • N° 22 cutting machines.

A qualified team follows the production process and controls the quality. They are ready to offer assistance to each client.

A qualified team works in management and marketing departments to satisfy all of our client’s order.


Atmosphere group carries a wide range of products, for example:

  • HDPE rolls.
  • LDPE rolls.
  • PP rolls.
  • Biodegradable HDPE rolls
  • All types of shopper bags, perforated bags, chicken bags and much other types.
  • Personalized printed shopper bag.


Environmental Policy

  • Atmosphere group is committed to the protection of the environment locally or globally and recognize the importance of incorporating environmental issues in to everyday business decisions & activities
  • The staff involved in the day to day operation adapts an environmental responsible manner.
  • The company’s environmental policy stipulates the following:
  • New production lines to save the environment (high speed technology, biodegradable raw materials)
  • A serious recycling for a large part of waste
  • Reduces the generation of waste to techno – economically feasible minimum levels.

Modern facilities

Atmosphere group’s production facility occupies an area of … m2 and is designed to ensure efficiency and flexibility in the production process.

Atmosphere Group invested heavily in modern high technology lines in order to produce in mass production and to reach equilibrium point between Quality and Quantity and Reduce the production cost to satisfy customer demand.